From the cars we drive to the appliances we use to cook our food, our lives are filled with products from consumer brands and manufacturers around the world. We depend on the safety and reliability of these products as we live out our daily lives. However, sometimes what we depend on can fail us, and even cause us bodily or emotional harm.

Tollison & Webb can help you seek justice due to injuries resulting from the use of a product. Whether because of a design or manufacturing defect or a failure to warn of the dangerous nature of the product, you may be entitled to damages. Our lawyers have the experience and resources to ensure the right people are held responsible for your injuries and that you are fairly compensated.

If you or your company has been accused of manufacturing or selling a product that may have injured others, Tollison & Webb can defend you. We have the integrity and legal expertise to defeat frivolous claims and ensure that you and your company get the justice you deserve.